Our Program

Earn virtually unlimited income on Amazon today with no startup costs, no monthly fees, and zero risk!

Our Amazon Reseller program is extremely simple.  Once your application is approved we will provide you with an initial reseller price sheet.  Simply add these quality profitable products to your existing Amazon seller account and you’ll be on your way to earning virtually unlimited income with absolutely zero risk.

Start with 50 quality profitable products – then grow your Amazon store as large as you like!

Each of our reseller price sheets will contain 50 unique quality profitable products already being sold on Amazon. You must list all 50 of these products on Amazon using your existing seller account to officially join our program. If you are only interested in listing a few products, then our program is not for you. In order to maximize value for our various manufacturer and supplier partners, resellers in our program cannot simply pick and choose to list only certain products — you must list all 50.  Only after all 50 products have been confirmed listed under your Amazon seller account will you be officially accepted into our program.

Guaranteed profits you can see — even before the sale!

Our products provide clear profits you can actually see, even before an Amazon sale occurs.  Without exception, every product we offer for resell is guaranteed to generate profit for you on Amazon.  Reseller costs listed for all products included in our program already include free flat rate ground shipping anywhere in contiguous USA so there are no hidden costs.  Amazon seller fees are also clearly noted on our reseller price sheets, so the profit you see will be the actual profit you will earn for each and every product sold on Amazon!

Our Amazon reseller price sheets clearly provide the following information for all products offered through our program:

  • Product Name – Actual product SKU, product name, search term used for identical product currently being sold on Amazon
  • Reseller Cost – Actual reseller cost paid to Your Amazon Supplier for the product sold, includes free flat rate ground shipping within the contiguous USA
  • Amazon Selling Price – Actual current selling price of identical product being sold on Amazon – Please do NOT list below this price!*
  • Amazon Seller Fee – Actual Amazon seller fee (~16%) charged by Amazon for each product sold
  • Reseller Profit – Actual $ net profit you earn after Reseller Cost and Amazon Seller Fees for each product sold

Increase your income as much as you want — virtually unlimited income potential!

For Amazon resellers interested in dramatically increasing their sales volume, we can provide an additional reseller price sheet to you once your original 50 product listings have been confirmed. Each new reseller price sheet will include an additional 50 quality profitable products which you can begin selling on Amazon right away. All 50 products contained within each new reseller price sheet provided to you must be added to Amazon under your seller account before any additional price sheets will be given. We offer literally thousands of quality profitable products in our catalog, so your success in our reseller program is really only limited by your own dedication and drive to make money.

We process your orders and you keep the profit!

When an Amazon order hits for one of our products, simply forward us the actual order confirmation email you receive from Amazon. We will ship the sold product direct to your buyer, charging you only Reseller Cost for the item. No additional shipping or handling costs will ever be charged. Most orders are shipped same or next day, and we will also provide you with tracking information via email so you can confirm shipment in Amazon. It really is that easy. No fine print and absolutely zero risk.

Guaranteed profit on each and every product sold!

Guaranteed profits without the risk of being undercut by other Amazon merchants is one of the major benefits of our reseller program. All products offered through our program were strategically selected by us to make sure our Amazon resellers earn an acceptable profit margin on each and every sale. Average reseller net profit ranges from $10 to over $200 per each product sold on Amazon.  We work closely with various product manufacturers as well as our supplier partners to make sure our Amazon resellers are never undercut by competing Amazon merchants or by each other.*

*Note: Due to manufacturer pricing restrictions and agreements made with our various supplier partners, resellers accepted into our Amazon reseller program are strictly prohibited from undercutting other merchants on Amazon. There is absolutely no need nor benefit to our Amazon resellers in trying to undercut other Amazon merchants by selling identical products at lower price points.  Taking such action really only results in lowering profit margins for everyone, as other Amazon merchants will undoubtedly do the same.  If we discover any Amazon reseller in our program to be guilty of advertising any product for sale on Amazon at a price point below the Amazon Selling Price clearly listed in our reseller price sheet they will be immediately terminated from our Amazon reseller program.  Absolutely no exceptions.