Frequently Asked Questions

We know what you’re thinking.  Our Amazon reseller program simply sounds too good to be true.  We’ve heard this countless times before.  But believe it or not, our unique business model is arguably the easiest way for virtually anyone to generate reliable extra income with minimal time and effort.  Becoming an Amazon reseller is a work-from-home opportunity which allows virtually anyone the ability to earn unlimited income with no start up costs, no monthly fees, and virtually zero risk.  Below are answers to some common questions we often receive from interested parties regarding our Amazon reseller program.

How do I create an Amazon seller account?

Creating an Amazon seller account is extremely easy to do.  Simply go to and click the “Register Now” link.

Does it cost any money to create an Amazon seller account?

No, virtually anyone can create an Amazon Individual Seller Account for free and begin selling products immediately.  There are actually two different types of Amazon seller accounts available: Individual and Professional.  In order to maximize sales volume (and income), we highly encourage our Amazon resellers to upgrade to a Professional Seller Account but this is not required to join our program.

What are the main differences between Amazon Individual Seller Accounts and  Amazon Professional Seller Accounts?

Individual Amazon seller account holders pay a $0.99 fee for each product sold, while those with Professional Amazon seller accounts pay a regular monthly fee of $39.99 regardless of how many total products they sell.  Additional Amazon fees are virtually identical regardless of which selling option you choose.  Both Individual and Professional Amazon seller account holders are welcome to join our program.  If you plan to sell over 40 products per month (many resellers in our program do well beyond this amount), it makes practical sense to upgrade.  Amazon Professional Sellers are also required to complete a brief tax interview process at sign-up, while Amazon Individual Sellers are not.  If you already have an Amazon Individual Seller Account you are able to upgrade to an Amazon Professional seller account at any time.  Click here to learn more about Amazon seller account differences.

What are Amazon Seller Fees?

Amazon charges a selling fee (~16%) for all products sold within the Amazon Marketplace.  Don’t worry, these Amazon seller fees are clearly reflected on all reseller price sheets we provide to our resellers.  The profit you see listed on our reseller price sheet is your actual profit you will receive when a product sales on Amazon, after Reseller Cost and Amazon Seller Fees.  In addition, Amazon charges 0.99 per sale for Amazon Individual Seller account holders or $39.99 per month for Amazon Professional account holders regardless of total number of products sold.

What types of products will I be listing for sale on Amazon as a reseller?

We offer literally thousands of quality profitable products through our reseller program, many of which have already become big sellers on Amazon!  Approximately 70% of products we offer will fall under one of the following categories:

  • home electronics
  • home and garden equipment
  • pet supplies

No, we do not offer firearms, adult materials, nor any products some might find objectionable.  Each of our products was strategically selected to maximize profit (and income) for you.

What are the income tax implications of selling products for profit on Amazon?

Due largely to a recent legal dispute between Amazon and eBay, all Amazon Professional Sellers are now required to complete a brief IRS tax interview process at sign-up.  Amazon Individual Sellers are not yet required to complete this process.  We are not accountants, but as is the case with virtually any business venture you should report any and all sources of income on your taxes.   If you have concerns or questions regarding how to report profits earned from your Amazon sales on your annual income taxes please consult with your trusted tax professional.

How do I list products for sale on Amazon with free shipping?

Because many of our products are already proven big sellers on Amazon, they are already being offered for sale by sellers offering “free shipping.”  Unfortunately, only Professional Amazon Seller account holders have the ability to upload Shipping Override Files required to list products on Amazon with free shipping.  Amazon actually made this a requirement in order to help encourage Amazon individual sellers to upgrade their accounts.  Recognizing that shipping costs is the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment, we highly recommend our Amazon resellers upgrade to a Amazon Professional Seller account in order to maximize their sales (and income).  If you choose not to upgrade your Amazon seller account, this is absolutely fine.  All Amazon Individual Seller account holders are welcome into our program as long as they agree not to undercut other Amazon merchants by selling our products at price points below the Amazon selling prices clearly listed on our reseller price sheets.  For clarification, if you have an Amazon Individual Seller account you cannot list a product for sale at $15 with $5 shipping cost in order to compete with Amazon Professional Seller account holders offering the same product for $20 with free shipping.  You must list the product for sale on Amazon at a price point no lower than the Amazon Selling Price listed in the reseller price sheet provided to you.  With many of our products offering net profits far exceeding the $39.99 monthly fee charged to Amazon Professional Seller account holders, there really is very little risk in upgrading your seller account.  Simply sell one of these products and you’ve already more than made up for this monthly fee.